Fall Semester 2021

Move In Day / Open House - TBD
September 7: Fall Semester Begins
September 7: First Session Starts
September 9: Family Partners Orientation
October 8: First Session Ends
October 11: Teacher Planday (TCA is Closed)
October 12: Second Session Starts
November 11: Veterans Day Observed (TCA is Closed)
November 12: Second Session Ends
November 15: Third Session Starts
November 24-26: Thanksgiving Holiday (TCA is Closed)
December 16: Evening of Reflection
December 17: Third Session Ends
December 20-22: Portfolio Conferences (No Regular Classes/TCA is Closed)
December 23: End of Fall Semester

Spring Semester 2022

January 5 (Wednesday): Spring Semester Begins
January 5: First Session Starts
January 17: MLK Day (TCA is Closed)
February 4: First Session Ends
February 7: Second Session Starts
February 14: Spring Love Fund Luncheon
February 21: President’s Day (TCA is Closed)
March 11: Second Session Ends
March 14: Teacher Planday (TCA is Closed)
March 15: Third Session Starts
April 11-15: Spring Holiday (TCA Closed)
April 21: Evening of Reflection
April 22: Third Session Ends
April 27-April 29: Portfolio Conferences (Spring Camp/TCA will remain Open)
April 29: End of Spring Semester

May Semester 2022

May 2: May Semester Begins
May 30: Memorial Day Observed (TCA Closed)
June 2: Move Out Day (1pm-3pm)
June 3: World’s Fair Day (Half Day on campus)
June 3: End of May Semester
June 4: Graduation