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Wendy Scott, Ph.D

Meet the Director



My name is Wendy Scott.  I'm the one on the left in the first picture recovering from exploding a watermelon with rubber bands during summer camp at TCA.


Before going to school full time to earn my Ph.D from ODU, I taught secondary, social science courses in public school for 10 years.  I was honored to be named Brooke Point High School, Stafford County Teacher of the Year in 2005, Chesapeake Public Schools Teacher of the Year City-Finalist in 2009, Great Bridge Ruritans’ Teacher of the Year in 2013, and Virginia Historical Society Teacher of the Year 2017. 


In addition to teaching in a formal environment, I also spent 12 summers teaching informally in residential summer camps.  My most recent experience allowed me to develop and implement STEM curriculum for an international camp that teaches young people ages 9-12 how to drive race cars.  

I also had the great privilege of helping to launch a holistic ministry called Get Smart of Chesapeake, Inc. focused on mentoring relationships, which empower young people to make positive choices and grow confident in their own purpose.

During my graduate studies, many of the young people that I worked with at Get Smart explained to me what was missing from school. Once I finished my doctoral degree, I decided that it was time to create a new kind of school that would emphasize individual potential, global citizenship, 21st century skills, and service.  I come from a long line of educators, so with the help of my family I opened TCA in September 2014.  


I believe that every young person was made for a purpose, and they deserve the right to cultivate their strengths and gifts in a safe and caring environment so that they will be equipped to make their contribution in the world.  Education is truly a powerful tool, a priceless investment.


I am delighted with the potential to help your family find joy in education while helping your student gain the essential 21st century skills he/she needs for future success.  






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