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2024 Summer Camp:  

Tidewater Collegiate Academy at Virginia Wesleyan University (TCA) is excited to offer summer camp programs to develop 21st century skills with a specific emphasis on service learning.  We help keep your camper's brains engaged while school is out, and help them develop a belief that they can make a difference in their world.  All programs are supervised by licensed teachers with expert guests including local artists, scientists, lawyers, professors, and engineers.  


Programs are available for campers between the ages of 8-13 years old with leadership opportunities for campers 14-17 years old.  Camp is from 9-2 pm on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan University.

Summer Camp sessions Ages 8-13
Mona Lisa Smile (June 24-28) $210
Imagine and create art from a variety of styles with tons of different materials.
Electric Slide (July 1-3) $125
Slide into the wonderful world of electricity and circuits.  Draw, design, and build electronic gadgets.  
Anything Goes (July 8-12) $210
All kinds of fun all week long including science experiments, art experiences, games, and much more based on the interests of the campers focused on service and developing 21st century skills.
Soup Cans and Paint Brushes (July 15-19 ) $210
Explore, discover, and create your own pop art including collages, comics, drawing, and painting.
Just for Girls (July 22-26) OVERNIGHT $300
It's time for girl talk, self-care, and slumber parties.  Campers will spend the night in VWU dorms Wednesday and Thursday night.
**7-9th grade only
Global Scholars Leadership Academy (July 29- August 2) OVERNIGHT $300
Join a select and diverse group of middle school students to develop and activate your leadership super powers.  Develop and implement an action plan to promote real change.  All campers will receive a certificate of participation listing volunteer hours.  Campers will spend the night in VWU dorms Wednesday and Thursday night.
**7-9th grade only
Drip, Drip, Splash (August 5- August 9) $210
Stay cool with lots of water games while discovering the story of water, how to protect it, our environment, and all the living things connected.  Campers will work with local environmental groups.
Tech Camp (August 12-16) $210
Get an introduction to modeling, simulation, coding, and 3D printing.
Program Assistant (PA) All summer.  $75 a week
If you have previously attended TCA summer camp, but have moved on to high school, we would love to have you back to help with our program.  You will receive a certificate of participation and a verified volunteer log of your service.
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