2022 Summer Camp 

Tidewater Collegiate Academy at Virginia Wesleyan University (TCA) is excited to offer summer camp programs to develop 21st century skills with a specific emphasis on service learning.  We help keep your camper's brain engaged while school is out, and help them develop a belief that they can make a difference in their world.  All programs are supervised by licensed teachers with expert guests including local artists, scientists, lawyers, professors, and engineers.


Programs are available for campers between the ages of 8-13 years old with leadership opportunities for campers 14-17 years old.  Camp is from 9-2 pm on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan University.

All camps are $150.00 unless otherwise noted.

This summer we have 8 weeks of camp!
Summer Camp sessions Ages 8-13
Challenge Week (June 27-1) $150
Are you ready for the challenge?  Campers will unleash their creativity and problem solving skills as they imagine, design, and create inventions that make the community a better place while learning basic engineering principles. 


Games Galore (July 6-8) $90
Challenge yourself and others as we step into a variety of games from Capture the Flag, D&D, Chess, and many more while expanding your 21st century skills including collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.
Go Green  – Young Environmentalist Camp (July 11-15) $150
Do you find yourself wanting to be around nature? Is taking care of the planet important to you?  If  your camper is a strong advocate for the environment, this one is for you.  Campers will explore the concept of being a young environmentalist. Help save the planet and create cool stuff. 
No Theme Week (July 18-22) $150
All kinds of fun all week long including science experiments, art experiences, games, and much more based on the interests of the campers focused on service and developing 21st century skills.
Picasso College (July 25-29) $150
Get your Picasso on! Use printmaking, water color, charcoal, clay and mixed media to explore different artist techniques from local artists.
Global Scholars Leadership Camp (August 1-5) $150
Join a select and diverse group of middle school students to investigate global problems facing the world today.  Then develop and implement an action plan to promote real change.  Participants will learn from local college professors and connect with experts from around the world.  All students will receive a certificate of participation listing volunteer hours.
Get Slimed! (August 8-12) $150
It is slime time! Explore stretchy, gooey, sticky, crunchy, colorful, irresistible SLIME, and other messy stuff while learning different concepts about physical science.
Einstein Academy (August 15-19) $150
Yes, math can be fun.  Use water balloons to define linear relationships and chocolate to practice probability.  Campers can refine their math skills before returning to school by building, experimenting, and playing with numbers *We will adapt each experience to the level of the camper.
For High School Students
Program Assistant (PA) All summer.  $75 a week
If you have previously attended TCA summer camp, but have moved on to high school, we would love to have you back to help with our program.  You will receive a certificate of participation and a verified volunteer log of your service.
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