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TCA Learning Model

The TCA learning model was developed by Dr. Wendy Scott as a part of her Ph.D program, and then

refined after the inaugural years of TCA with the help of Amy Schleeper M.Ed., Lead Teacher of the TCA Lower School. The model blends three research based educational principles together in practical context to make learning relevant, effective, and transformative for the new 21st century learner.  


Students explore and analyze global challenges through hands on, thought demanding, and relevant experiences with a specific emphasis on real-world application and 21st century skills including communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  The goal is to help students realize that what they are learning has a purpose.


Students are informed of global challenges, equipped with examples and methods to help them take action as a servant leader, connected with people and organizations to provide support, and encouraged to develop democratic values such as respect, dignity, and integrity that help make the community stronger.  We hope students engage in their community as global citizens with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities.


Learning at TCA takes place in an environment that recognizes the importance of the needs of the whole child. Young people do not live in a bubble focused only on their learning.  They are real people living in a world that is sometimes harsh and confusing at best.  Therefore, creating an emotionally-socially safe environment with wrap around support such as mentors is our highest priority.  

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