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  • Is TCA accredited?
    TCA is staffed with licensed teachers; therefore, we are licensed. There is not an accrediation for homeschools. Under the approved tutor provision of the compulsory attendance law in Virginia this allows teachers to monitor and evaluate student progress.
  • Will 2 and 4 year schools accept the diploma?
    Yes! Many colleges and universities have stated that they specifically recruit homeschool students because they characteristically are self motivated and demonstrate independent learning abilities. Some of our graduates are currently attending University of Mary Washington, TCC, and ODU.
  • What kind of student comes to TCA?
    Each student at TCA is unique making our small community reflect the global community. We have students from all different socioeconomic backgrounds, academic abilities, races, and religions. However, each of our students exhibits a desire to learn all they can to make the world a better place.
  • Do the students take SOL's?
    We sometimes use the SOL as a placement test; however, it is not our primary source of evaluation. Students are evaluated each day through individual conferences to ensure mastery of the content before moving forward. Then students create a portfolio at the end of each semester to demonstrate understanding of the objectives. The portfolios are assessed by a group including the student, parent/guardian, licensed teacher, and field/content expert.
  • How many students are at TCA?
    TCA currently has about 80 students including the lower and upper school combined, our pre-college program, and our students online.
  • How do you handle discipline problems?
    We work hard to be proactive and utilize a democratic classroom management philosophy. Each student signs a code of conduct and is apart of creating an environment where everyone feels safe and wants to learn. If a student makes a choice that is disruptive to the learning environment, then they receive a strike. If the student receives 3 strikes, they meet with the TCA Council. The council is made of peers and one teacher. They work together to decide the most appropriate consequence. Everyone must agree. Students can also call a Scholars Council, which is a classroom meeting involving everyone when there is a need to resolve a community challenge. If a student's behavior is unsafe or unhealthy for the community, then a parent conference is held and the situtation is handled based on a case by case basis to promote the best possible outcome for the individual student and the TCA community at large.
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