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Lower School

The lower school includes students 4 years of age to 3rd grade.  We address the specific needs of children based not only on age, but also individual pace of social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development.  


Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all children reach mastery of significant milestones and indicators to build a firm foundation.


Students engage in educational experiences that are authentic, thought demanding, and hands on together in the same space similar to a "one room school house."  


Seminar consists of engaging whole group instruction with a focus on calendar and basic math skills, as well as language arts skills, read-aloud stories, and discussion related to content areas and social skills. 


During Guided Inquiry, each student has hands-on experiences and opportunities to work with educators, interns, and peers to meet individualized goals developed in collaboration with parents/guardians.


Learning should be a fun, exciting experience; therefore, each component of our day is intentionally designed to develop skills and instill a life-long love of learning. Our adult to student ratio is 1:4 or less.

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